Partner Sought for New HUD Award for Homeless Vets

July 16, 2015 -- Home Forward and the Veterans Administration Medical Center are seeking a housing partner to join them in an application to HUD for project-based VASH rent assistance and supportive services for homeless veterans. 

Previous VASH (Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) awards from HUD have been for tenant-based assistance.  Attaching rent assistance to an apartment rather than a person prioritizes certainty over choice in the rental market.  HUD is making the new vouchers available to expand the range of options available to veterans.

Home Forward and the VA Medical Center will select a partner through an RFP process. Proposals are due by 2 p.m. on August 5.

Properties can be existing housing or newly constructed or rehabilitated apartments.  Additional selection criteria include deconcentrating poverty, providing accessibility and access to amenities, experience, providing supportive services at the property, adhering to a housing first approach, and design.  Proposals may be for 9 -75 project-based vouchers.

In addition, Home Forward may use the RFP process to project-base vouchers from its current award of 525 VASH vouchers.

Click here to read or download the RFP.