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Goals Program

Greater Opportunities to Advance, Learn, and Succeed

Are you ready to make plans, reach your life goals, and build financial security for you and your family?

The GOALS program can help!

Our Services:

  • Employment Support
  • Credit Repair
  • Building Savings
  • Education & Training
  • Starting a Business
  • Youth Resources
  • Homeownership


The GOALS program stands for Greater Opportunities to Advance, Learn, and Succeed. The program provides one-on- one support for those wanting to work towards their goals and access resources and supportive services.

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    Are you currently receiving housing subsidy through Home Forward? (Do you live in Home Forward housing or use a Housing Choice Voucher provided by Home Forward)
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    To be eligible for the GOALS program, you need to currently be receiving housing subsidy with Home Forward


    GOALS Supervisor
    Shaun Cox

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      Is this for me?

      If you are interested getting a stable living wage job, building personal savings, accessing resources to meet your goals, and/or becoming self-sufficient...

      Then the GOALS program could be a great program for you!

      How can I save money?

      Managed Savings Account
      Home Forward keeps the amount that would usually be your regular rent increase in personal managed savings account until your graduation.

      Individual Development Account
      Save for goals like education, business startup, or home ownership by receiving a match of $3 for every $1 you save. (Contact us for info)

      How do I apply?

      Fill out an application. Once you're accepted to the program you'll go onto the waiting list. You can get a preference on the list by attending a job training or financial literacy class. Just send us a copy of the certificate of completion and we will take care of the rest.


      GOALS Supervisor
      Shaun Cox

      Contact Us

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